Anne Andersson

Anne Andersson was born in Gothenburg, Sweden with a great desire to explore nature and a passion for art. Herrealistic life-size animals are made using Sisal fibers extracted from the agave plant; sculpted clay is used for their noses and hand-painted fired glass for their eyes. Anne’s talents in painting, weaving and illustration combined with her intuitive knowledge and attention to the smallest detail truly bring her sculptures to life. Her work can be found in homes and galleries across the world. She has exhibited at Art Expo New York, Florida and California. Her works include a permanent exhibit at Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida, the Fine Art Gallery at MGM Grand Hotel, and several of her White Bengal Tigers, commissioned by Siegfried and Roy on display at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.

Anne’s artwork serves as her homage to wild animals that are experiencing habitats diminishing along with their populations as each year passes. Each sculpture she creates embodies her dedication to conservationist ideals and the goal to preserve these species in the wild.