Jon Haug

Jon Haug documents the visual beauty of the human body, expressed in such details as the variety of color in flesh tones and the linear quality of hair. He strives to tell a story using the tools artists possess: color, value, line, edge and texture. His process involves staging his idea in the studio and then refining the composition with a charcoal study. Jon
then applies texture to a canvas with layers of gesso and then blocks in the composition with paint. He works “alla prima” or wet on wet, occasionally glazing areas he wishes to adjust later.

Jon’s recent work is figurative in nature and he loves to paint in oils and draw with charcoal. Recently, he has been awarded the People’s Choice Award at the 2015 Art in the Arboretum show in Wilmington, NC as well as the Merit Award at the 201 Azalea Festival, also in Wilmington NC. He was awarded best drawing in the 2015 Silver Arts Show
in Wilmington.