Marita “Marty” Bon

Marita Bon began crafting jewelry several years ago when she was searching for a visual, tactile way to channel her creative energy. A professional writer and editor, she yearned to transcend the confines of the keyboard and blank page and to work with color, texture and shape.

At a friend’s suggestion, Marita visited the beading aisle at her local art supply store. Starting with a couple dozen citrine chips and a spool of wire, she began stringing simple necklaces, bracelets and earrings. It wasn’t long before she graduated to more complicated pieces, with mixed materials and unusual designs.

After taking several classes, Marita discovered her real passion – framing semiprecious gemstones in handmade links of copper, bronze and sterling silver. She soon expanded her expertise to wirewrapped stones, as well as hammered charms and embellishments. The creations she produced drew so much attention, she found herself filling orders for friends, family, and eventually, a diverse clientele. Now, she is proud to showcase her art at Crescent Moon in Downtown Wilmington.

While she has come a long way from that single strand of citrine chips, Marita has never lost sight of her goal – to fashion exceptional pieces that reflect the unique style and personality of each and every wearer.