Sarah Collier

Sarah describes her work as mixed media collage combines beautiful images from vintage media with evolving technology keeping a nod to the past and an eye on the future. She uses her vast collection of ephemera from collecting over the past two decades. This includes advertisements, photographs, maps, ticket stubs, postcards which she recycles. Her own illustrations, photographs, paintings and drawings play a large part in the process. The photos that are not by her are from the National Archive Gallery, Getty, The Library of Congress and Documentary photography. She then scans the pieces into digital format, and then through a process of layering, printing, re-scanning and filtering, she creates the final piece. At that point she draws and paints back into the piece, add gold leaf, squid ink and various embellishments to get to a final composition.

These pieces are then printed with her guidance and color monitoring by a large scale printer on archival photo paper, mounted and framed in salvage, re-purposed wood. Sarah then pours a two-part epoxy resin to finish the piece with a glass-like surface.