What's New

New owner Buffy Frank reopened Crescent Moon’s doors on October 17th, 2015. She expanded the showroom floor by 200 feet to exhibit sculpture and sisal art. Frank reorganized the gallery to include a new office space, dressing rooms, space for art classes and the ability to host events. With new gift lines, a children’s section, bridal registry, stationary, beach ware and gentlemen’s gifts, Crescent Moon has opened the door to a new world of clientele and broadened its customer reach. Also new to Crescent Moon is an extensive offering of designer fashion and accessories. Frank opened the gallery’s doors to fashion designers and truly merged fashion and art together for the most innovative collections.

New this Spring at Crescent Moon is Anne Andersson’s new installation of her handmade life-like sisal animal sculptures. Anne is a pioneer in this form of fiber art and it is truly extraordinary to see. Made out of agave fibers, each sculpture is one-of-a-kind with its very own look and personality! Anne is a conservationist, and many media artist, with exhibits throughout the United States including MGM Grand and Mirage Hotels where she was commissioned by the famous Sigfred and Roy. Take one of her sculptures home with you and for the children in your life, bring home a stuffed souvenir from this fantastic exhibit of exotic fiber art.

We also excited to welcome back to the gallery NC artist Beth Hill and showcase her new work! Beth purposefully creates her compositions to appear as “portraits” using experimental paint techniques. Inspired by nature and a love of animals, Beth hopes that each viewer makes a connection with the personalities and peculiarities of the images while enjoying the colors, shapes and patterns. Experience a moment of serenity and pleasure in this chaotic world while taking in the exquisite detail of each painting.