Blown Glass Modern Livingroom Light LED White Lustre Hand Blown Glass Chandelier

Crescent Moon Art & Style

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As the lighting effects, the objects maybe a little different with the pictures.
Modern Livingroom Light LED Source, Lustre Hand Blown Glass Chandelier
Products More Details as following:
1,Material:Borosilicate Glass ,Blown Murano Glass
2,Technique:Hand Blown
About Package:
 As for packaging ,we use a 5 layer thick box to pack them.  Also,we offer a little more than 10% in spare parts for you in case anything is broken.
About Installation:
 We will send you the installation instruction and also you can find the enclosed photo of how the glass was installed on the metal frame.Pls don’t worry,we will also offer you technical support if you have any questions when you install. 

About Us:

1. Our company is specialized in blown craft glass and colored glaze, and we
have best team of design, production.
2. We are professional at hand-works with Venice's technology. Our product looks like diamonds and glittering and translucent 
which gives rich imagination for designer. 

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